What are the curtain fabrics?

Update:25 May 2018

The curtain fabrics include cloth, bamboo, silk, hemp, […]

The curtain fabrics include cloth, bamboo, silk, hemp, yarn, and plastic.
Second, technical requirements
1, fabric requirements
(1) The fabric used meets the national standard quality product index of the corresponding product.
(2) Sunshine fabric: Use glass fiber + PVC fabric that can block visible light.
(3) Shading fabric: The coated fabric can block light.
(4) Production process: high-frequency welding contact is adopted for connection between fabric and coiled tube, and high-frequency welding-type contact is used for the fabric and the lower rod to ensure that the fabric and the lower rod are integrated into one structure, so that the product can operate normally. Ultrasonic treatment is applied on both sides of the fabric. surface.
2, fabric performance requirements
(1) Fire protection standards: GB/T5455-1997
(2) Fire protection rating: M1, B1 in GB/T5455-1977 standard.
(3) The content of harmful substances in the fabric shall comply with GB1840-2003 National Basic Technical Specifications for Textile Products.
(4) Environmental protection standard: GB50325-2001. The content of chemical components in the fabric shall not exceed the relevant standards and specifications newly issued by the state.
(5) Effect, performance: No wrinkle, no fading, no color fastness 5-6, good drape, no odor.
(6) Process: Anti-fouling, anti-mildew, anti-oil, anti-dirty, easy to clean, easy to hide dirt, soft colors, anti-distortion treatment, anti-static finishing.
(7) Formaldehyde content: Execution of the national standard E1 emission standard, carefully woven with PVC-coated polyester fiber as raw material, absolutely free of glass fiber components.