The importance and structure of custom curtains

Update:08 Jun 2018

Curtains occupy a very important position in the indoor […]

Curtains occupy a very important position in the indoor drapery. Choosing whether the curtains are appropriate or not is directly related to the overall drapery effect. Even every detail of the curtains will affect the overall effect.

In order to ensure good results after the curtains are installed, we usually use custom curtains. Custom curtains, you can not only freely choose your styles and accessories for curtains; and you will know every detail of your customized curtains. The

Curtains are mainly composed of three parts: curtain bodies, accessories and accessories.
The curtain body consists of a window case, a window body, and a window screen. Window frames are an indispensable part of decorative windows and are usually made of the same fabric as the window body. There are tiles, pleats, water waves, and synthetic patterns on the style.
Accessories are made up of window frames, accounts, ribbons, laces, window linings, etc.
Accessories include side hooks, straps, window hooks, window straps, and weights.
Choose the curtains that you need and your own, and be aware of them.

There are many ways to connect curtains and curtain rods:
If you punch directly on the fabric, it's easy to pull back and forth;
The shape of the outer bag looks good on the front, but it is more difficult to pull back and forth because the friction between the fabric and the bar is large, especially when the bag size is similar to the diameter of the bar.
The form of the strap is very simple, suitable for lighter and lighter fabrics; the way of tethering is also not easy to pull, and it is suitable for windows that are usually used for decorative purposes.
It is advisable to purchase a curtain ring, which is easy to open and convenient for disassembly and replacement.


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