The choice of curtain fabric pattern

Update:16 Oct 2017

   1, The type of curtain pattern    There are two type […]

   1, The type of curtain pattern
   There are two types of curtains, namely: abstract (also called geometric), such as square, round, stripes and other shapes, and natural material shape patterns (such as animals, plants, landscapes, etc.).
   2, The curtain pattern according to the room and consumer groups selected
   Select the curtains should generally note that the curtains should not be too trivial, to consider the effect after pleating. Curtain pattern should not choose slope, otherwise it will make people have a sense of tilt. Tall room should choose horizontal pattern. People of different ages have different patterns and colors. The living room curtains color pattern should be moderate; children in the room curtains best to use small animals, small dolls and other patterns, with a child; young room curtains to unrestrained broad open; elderly room curtains to ease
   3, Curtain size selection
   The length of the curtains is slightly longer than the windowsill to avoid the wind and the curtains. The width of the curtain depends on the width of the window, and it must be coordinated with the size of the wall. Narrow windows should choose wider curtains to block the sides like an excess of the wall. As well as curtains are pleated or double, it is necessary to choose according to their preferences. Pleat a dynamic change in the rhythm of the United States; double curtains inside and outside the effect of both do not have some flavor.