The art of curtains

Update:04 Dec 2017

Curtains is one of the most important part of home impr […]

Curtains is one of the most important part of home improvement design because of the large space occupied by them. Different types of curtains can affect the entire house's decorative design style in color, material and pattern. Therefore, Curtain selection is particularly important.
   Material choice of fabric
Curtain material currently on the market are mainly cotton, silk, silk, nylon, georgette, plastic, aluminum, etc., a wide variety of accidentally pick flowers easily; in the choice of texture, the need to focus on the room where Use the function, such as in the bathroom, the kitchen should choose more practical and easy to wash fabric, bedroom curtains should require thick, safe, strong shading, get up in the morning will not be bright light, in order to ensure the privacy of life And sleep ease.
The study requires the selection of curtains with better light transmission to ensure that study and work will not be affected by the dark environment. Restaurant and living room curtains, you can make the choice according to the bedroom and study, the general choice of the same material, the style will be more consistent.
Big different color patterns
Curtains in daily life not only play the role of shelter, but also can beautify the home decor, improve the taste of life. In the color scheme, the curtains, as a part of the soft pack, should be properly differentiated on the basis of the overall color of the home improvement. The curtains of the living room and the restaurant can be brightly colored so as to create a clear mood for the daily living of the family. The best choice for warm bedroom curtains curtains to create a warm atmosphere, help to sleep and rest.
In terms of pattern selection, there are mainly two types, namely, abstract shapes such as squares, circles, stripes and other shapes, and patterns of natural substances (such as animals, plants, landscapes, etc.). Curtain patterns should be noted that the curtain patterns should not be too trivial to consider the effect of pleated.
Size to pay attention
The size of the curtains is not simple to cover the window can be, the length of the curtains slightly longer than the window sill, so even if the wind does not appear in front of the entire room; if the length of the curtain is smaller than the width, the decorative effect is not Will be very good, generally should choose the length of the curtain is greater than the width, so hang up visually the best.
Do not want to monotone curtain too monotonous, you can also choose double curtains, which is a light-weight layer of material, such as nylon silk, mesh cloth or thin yarn, the outer layer can be thick material, such as corduroy, Or woolen fabric, can be arbitrary according to the mood or weather to choose.
Many people in the selection of curtains, only concerned about the color patterns of the curtains, ignoring the actual problems of material, size and so on, often the effect of installation is not satisfactory, so in the choice of curtains, we must consider many aspects.