Suitable for curtain fabric

Update:11 Jul 2017

   Curtain fabric from the material point of view of co […]

   Curtain fabric from the material point of view of cotton, linen, yarn quality, silk, flocking, bamboo, man-made fibers and so on. Cotton and linen is the most common material for curtains, easy to wash and replace, suitable for bedroom use.
   The characteristics of various fabrics:
   1, cotton: plant fiber, the main advantage is moisture, breathable, comfortable to wear, but the cotton is easy to wrinkle, not dyed bright colors, easy fade, aging fast, washing will have a certain shrinkage, poor flexibility, poor tolerance Alkaline strong, easy to mold, but resistant to insects.
   2, linen: As linen fabric is a plant fiber, its characteristics are basically similar with the cotton fabric, but linen fabric fabric is more smooth and smooth, flexible, good ventilation, moisture and heat dissipation.
   3, silk: shiny good, bright and luxurious colors, made of fabric light and soft, suitable for summer clothing, hygroscopicity is good, cool, and naturally contain silk protein close to wear good for skin health. Disadvantages are shrinking, easy to wrinkle, easy to fade after washing and ironing, clothing storage need special attention, washing with acidic detergent. Wash knowledge: wash with a special silk hair detergent, hanging in a cool place to dry, ironing temperature at 150 degrees Celsius.
   4, nylon: nylon with its excellent wear resistance and light good performance performance in the competition of synthetic fiber clothing, half a century, still occupies an important position.