Six different types of curtains advantages and disadvantages

Update:31 Jul 2017

    Curtain body is the curtain fabric, different types […]

    Curtain body is the curtain fabric, different types of curtains show the effect is not the same. Some curtains are more drape feeling, and some are more elegant and gentle, in short, each curtain fabric effect is different, the scope of application is also different, each curtain fabric has advantages and disadvantages, with a look at what kind of curtain cloth it!
1, flannel curtains
Advantages: soft, drape strong sense of dye and fiber chemical reaction, strong color fastness.
Disadvantages: strong dust absorption, heavy easy to clean.
2, linen curtains
Advantages: moisture permeability and good performance, soft luster, simple and natural.
Disadvantages: lack of flexibility, easy to fold after cleaning, easy to shrink shape, easy to fade.
3, plastic aluminum blinds curtains
Advantages: shading effect, easy to clean, suitable for installation in the kitchen.
Disadvantages: can not block mosquitoes, although the color on the market now increased, but the beauty is not as good as traditional curtains.
4, wood curtains
Wooden curtains are divided into wood, bamboo weave, reed weave, rattan weaving several.
Advantages: strong decorative, breathable, and can show style and taste, natural simplicity.
Disadvantages: not light, high prices, bamboo easy to mold, reed curtain easy insects.
5, polyester curtains
Advantages: waterproof and anti-oil, non-toxic cool, light fast.
Disadvantages: hygroscopicity, breathability, poor dyeing performance.
6, gauze
Advantages: elegant light, beautiful and cool, good moisture absorption.
Disadvantages: do not shade, shrink wrinkles, easy to fade.