Room color and style and fabric curtains the best match

Update:02 Aug 2017

   Choose cloth curtain, first of all, according to the […]

   Choose cloth curtain, first of all, according to the room decoration, tone and style to establish a unified effect, and then in accordance with the specific use of each room to determine the curtain fabric of the best match.
   The living room is a place for guests and family members to rest. It is suggested to choose light cloth with light color and light transmittance, so as to create a solemn, concise, generous and bright visual effect.
   Bedroom is a private space, and bed products unified consideration, choose thick shading cloth as the main material. The yarn and curtain are double decked to create a warm and romantic atmosphere.
   Children's rooms apply bright, light colors, lively patterns, create a cheerful atmosphere.
   The room should be dark colors and elegant design, create a deep and stable atmosphere.
   Study room suitable for simple, elegant patterns, creating a cultural atmosphere and personalized atmosphere.
   Toilet and kitchen should choose dirty, easy to clean cloth.
   Conditional families can also change the curtains of different styles and designs according to the season. Summer green, blue color cloth curtain highlight cool. But in winter, it feels cold and can be changed into warm curtains. If you can't change it, choose a more neutral tone and pattern.