Polyester and linen blended fabric characteristics

Update:30 Mar 2018

The characteristics of polyester/wine blended fabrics: […]

The characteristics of polyester/wine blended fabrics: In the past, domestically produced linen textiles had a high density of spun yarns and can only be used to weave medium and low-grade products. They are only suitable for outerwear, upholstery fabrics, etc., reflecting the unique moisture absorption, moisture release, and coolness of linen textiles. advantage. Now, polyester wool tops and linen fibers are used together to produce high-grade linen blends suitable for summer and outerwear. The advantages of taking these products are as follows:
1. Feeling cool
The blending ratio of flax fiber is 35%-40%, and the appearance of flax fiber is high. Therefore, when the human skin touches the polyester/hemp special yarn fabric, the heat on the surface of the human body will be quickly emitted to cool people. a feeling of.
2. Lightweight and bright fabric
Yarn is fine, generally less than 20 tex (above 50 rams), and can be woven into ultra-thin fabrics either alone or in pure or blended yarns with other textile fibers. The product is of high quality, with bright and beautiful dyeing and printing, and the fabric is cool, transparent, thin and cool.
3. Good crease resistance
Because the core of the yarn is polyester and the hemp fiber is coated on the outside, the advantage of good anti-crease property of the polyester fiber can be used to improve the defects of the wrinkle-free and dyeing of the flax fiber fabric, and the advantage of the flax fiber to absorb moisture and release moisture can be used. Improves the disadvantages of poor hygroscopicity and uncomfortable wearing of polyester fabrics.
4. Comfortable and clean
The ratio of polyester/linen yarn and fabric blending is moderate, fabrics are soft to the touch, easy to wash, easy to dry, and good in plastic shaping. They are not deformed after washing and have the same good hygroscopicity, moisture release and breathability as pure linen fabrics. Use inner and outer garment fabrics.