Living room curtains what material is good

Update:02 Jan 2018

Curtain cotton, linen, gauze, silk, flocking, bamboo, r […]

Curtain cotton, linen, gauze, silk, flocking, bamboo, rayon and so on. The privacy of the living room is not so high, and have good lighting, you can refer to the "darkroom" Mingguan curtains to buy principles.
Decorative, good light transmission, so that the living room has a sense of depth of the curtain is very good yarn; bamboo curtain texture clear, good lighting effects, and moisture, mildew, fade, suitable for living room; man-made fiber curtains easy to clean and durable Also suitable for living room.
If you want to create a romantic atmosphere indoors, you can use translucent or semi-translucent organ curtains; to let in the beauty of the window through, silky shutter is a good choice; vertical curtain down to the end of the mood Is also a good choice.