How to use curtains to change the color of the room

Update:15 Jan 2018

Select the neutral color for your furniture; the floor […]

Select the neutral color for your furniture; the floor and the walls, which will give you a lot of opportunities to change the atmosphere with a little new stuff. The very saturated color of the jade queen velvet made of the cloth curtain immediately brought warmth to the room. Together with a brass hardware lamp, this delicate element can be extended to the ceiling! In order to improve the overall effect, we have made several coloured cushions. Add a random collection of branches to make the emerald color scattered in the room.
When the velvet is combined with the corals, the result is the beauty of the right. We know the living room needs a light color, because it has great lights and white walls. We used the curtains of the powerful corals of the Queen's velvet to wake the room, and make balance with a pair of withered armchairs and pedals. The black plus energy is allowed. The black addition makes the bright color stable.
Bold color does not mean that you have to make space noisy. The soothing color of our double silk curtains gives the bedroom a refreshing feeling - thanks to the pure color of the cloth, with a light luster.
Velvet has the ability to rapidly improve indoor and extravagant air. Because furniture and walls are light colored, this different color not only doesn't disturb the rhythm of space, but also makes the space have an eye-catching style. It looks modern.
The flax curtains were hung from the ceiling behind the bed to the floor, and the new blue art paintings of different levels were put on the front to achieve unexpected results. The vibrant strokes in the art painting depict our favorite hue, enriching our color coefficient.