How to maintain the best cloth

Update:16 Aug 2017

   Fabric in the modern family increasingly favored by […]

   Fabric in the modern family increasingly favored by people, it softens the interior space and rigid lines, giving the room a warm style: fresh and natural, elegant and gorgeous, or romantic or high-profile. It is easy to replace the other variable and therefore become particularly popular in recent years, "soft decoration trend" in the "Lord", plays a decisive role in creating and beautify the environment: the living room Home Furnishing can choose gorgeous and beautiful fabrics, decorative bedroom should choose soft smooth surface material, decorating the kitchen can choose strong washable fabric.
   The most commonly used fabric materials include cotton, hemp fiber and other natural fibers, polyester cotton fiber and synthetic fiber. In addition, there are wool, silk, wool, feather and soybean fiber.So many materials and fabrics, in enhancing home beauty and comfort at the same time, but also for the use of maintenance put forward more stringent requirements. Many people believe that home fabric maintenance is a headache, after all, cloth easy to absorb dust. But as long as you master certain tricks and proper care, fabric maintenance is not a difficult thing.
Have a nice bed home, the bedroom is more exquisite natural warmth, but if you want to extend the period of use, the usual use and maintenance will be a little thought. according to technical personnel, for different materials of bedding, as long as have some tips, you can feel their comfort and beauty in life.
   The cleaning frequency of the bedding can be determined according to the personal hygiene habit. Experts suggest that before the initial use, the first rinse once, the surface of the slurry and printing and dyeing floating color wash, so that use will be relatively soft, and the future is not easy to wash when fading.
   1. Cotton fabric can not use detergent containing bleach ingredients, the general soaking time of not more than half an hour, the water temperature does not exceed 30 ℃.
   2. Silk, soybean fiber can not use the enzyme containing biological enzymes, it is recommended to use silk hair detergent, add some vinegar can increase the gloss after washing.
   3. Wool, cashmere should pay attention to avoid prolonged soaking, can not use the enzyme containing biological enzymes, other detergents should also be used with caution.
   4. Silk, bamboo fiber, chemical fiber can not be soaked in high temperature water, silk, bamboo fiber machine wash can not be dried, velvet fabric surface bogey ironing.
   5. Flax products can not be forced to wash, twist.