How to clean the curtain fabric

Update:18 Sep 2017

   1, bamboo finished products curtain    Home is the u […]

   1, bamboo finished products curtain
Home is the use of this curtain, then we recommend that you use the best spray before the mold release agent (furniture to protect the wax line), every 1-3 months with a dry cloth to wipe or touch with hair. Do not wipe with a damp cloth, so as not to leave the mark. Some wood rolls do need to wash with water, the application of soft brush plus moderate detergent (such as washing spirit or detergent, etc.), and then rinse with water, wipe dry (not in the sun exposure, or easy to fade) The
2, blinds curtains
In general, louver curtains made of domestic paint or wood material after the exposure is easier to fade (imported materials generally will not), but will not affect the use, usually with a cloth or brush sweep, a few months after the curtain can be picked down with a damp cloth Wipe, or use a moderate detergent (such as washing the spirit or washing powder, etc.) to scrub the water on it. Completely dry, the release agent can be used on the rope and brake pad spray two or two. 

    3, canvas or linen made of curtains
Due to the special nature of the material, so this kind of curtains in the cleaning after more difficult to dry, so this curtain is best not directly into the water cleaning, you can use sponge dipped in some warm water or soap solution, ammonia solution mixed liquid to be wiped Dry up after the roll can be. The lintel (especially with lace) is soaked with lavender, washed with warm water with soda (half bucket of water against 10 grams of soda) and then washed twice with warm water or soap. When washing gently to rub, and finally rinse with water. When dry, keep it on a clean desk, allow it to dry, or dry on the frame. Dry when the need to clean up the goods, with a pushpin positioning, and finally iron with iron.
4, shutter or soft finished curtain
The most used in the family is the curtains. This kind of curtains in the cleaning time to first turn off the window, spray it on the amount of water or polish, and then wipe with a rag, curtains can be maintained for a long time clean and bright. Curtain of the rope, you can use a soft bristle brush gently wipe. If the curtain is dirty, you can use a rag dipped in some warm water detergent, can also use a little ammonia solution to wipe. Some parts useful adhesive, pay attention to these locations do not water, some of the more high-end finished curtains can be waterproof, do not have to pay special attention to water.
5, ordinary fabric made of curtains
For some curtains made of ordinary fabrics, can be scrubbed with a damp cloth, but also by conventional methods in the water or washing machine cleaning, neutral detergent. Easy to shrink the fabric should be dry cleaning as far as possible to avoid the size of a substantial shrink.