How to choose curtains and collocation in summer

Update:23 Oct 2017

   When the hot summer comes, change the use of a winte […]

   When the hot summer comes, change the use of a winter heavy, dull and light transmittance curtains, but also a bright sunshine room. Stronger curtains usually used in summer light, color bias light coloured, such as blue, white, green, in addition to the choice of material on the thin fabric, very popular in recent years, Shazhi curtains are also very popular. If you want to achieve better permeability, or want to see the outdoor green landscape, elegant bamboo blinds and the modern sense is the best choice.
1, green gauze curtain, with black iron curtain pole, red heart shaped curtain rod head, believe that can win those romantic women's heart.
2, gauze color curtains, with wooden curtain rod, curtain ring and curtain rod ornaments, suitable for beauty, but not like the owner of publicity.
3, gray muslin curtains, with black iron curtain pole, curtain rod head ornaments can be the choice of bamboo, three-dimensional sense of strong.
4, the elegant bamboo rolling curtain with a layer of white gauze, when blowing, the gauze gently fluttering, quite amorous feelings.
5, blue cloth curtain, and the curtain rod jointed knot bring the beauty of the flow. Black iron curtain bar.
6. silver gray Venetian blinds. It's a good match for modern furniture. It can be put on the window of the study room.
A thin, light blue strips rolling 7 lattice, can adjust the length and the formation of different levels.
8, many people like to use pure white curtains in summer, and it is not monotonous with the curtain rod link cloth buckle, with wooden curtain rod, appears to be simple and generous.