How to choose curtain

Update:07 Aug 2017

   First, determine the overall style. The overall styl […]

   First, determine the overall style. The overall style and color of the house decoration determine the general direction of the curtain selection, and then choose the curtains of different materials and colors according to the different functional areas of the living room, bedroom and dining room. Ultra comfortable and experienced accessories designer can come to the service, according to the actual situation of the room to provide reference opinions, on-site fabric collocation, let you see the actual effect, and according to the size of the budget.
   Second, according to the pattern of space selection. A large flower gives a strong visual impact, rendering strong style, suitable for large space; romantic floral with flowers, can feel the warmth of home, quiet, and will make the space has expanded, so it is suitable for small room. Curtain pattern, pattern, or sub inverted, three-dimensional. Spacing of flowers, spacing and spacing. Draw the curtains on both sides, and the pattern should be right.
   Next, choose the right color. Curtains should be the color of the room with a large area corresponding to the color, but with the wall color is different, reflecting the facade color hierarchy. For example, the room furniture is dark brown, the curtain color can not choose too deep, too deep, will feel dull, not spacious. Curtains should be drawn in the evening, and the colors of the curtains should be in tune with the lights. Use ordinary light bulbs, light yellow, curtain color should not be too deep; if the use of fluorescent lights, white lights, curtains of color can be deeper.
   Finally, pay attention to the window rail. The window rail is the key to the overall appearance and durability of the curtain. The solidity, smoothness and noise of the window rail are the main criteria for judging the quality of the window rail, and its quality determines the opening and closing of the curtain.