How to buy curtain fabric

Update:17 May 2018

1. We know in the design style that there are many type […]

1. We know in the design style that there are many types of design patterns for curtain fabrics. Curtain fabrics and these styles are inextricably linked to interior design styles. Therefore, the choice of curtain fabrics and the design style of curtain fabrics are the first requirements. In other words, all the factors of the curtain fabric must first be matched with the interior style. At this point, you can match the style of the interior, so that the style of the curtain fabric can be adapted to the interior design style.
2. The function of the curtain fabric needs to be selected from the thickness of the curtain fabric based on the design style of the curtain fabric required by the function. In general, there are two ways:
1) Use a thicker curtain fabric.
2) Use a thick curtain fabric with a layer of sheer curtains inside. As for the scheme of curtain fabric style, it needs to take into account actual conditions. For example, some curtain fabric design styles do not allow the presence of sheer curtains.
3. There are many options for choosing curtain fabrics. The following briefly describes the performance characteristics of curtain fabrics:
1) Light, thin transparent or translucent curtain fabrics such as cotton, polyester-cotton blended fabrics, glass yarns, fine mesh fabrics, lace, and barre yarns.
2) Medium-thick opaque curtain fabrics, such as fancy tissue cotton, nylon and blended fabrics, and scrim mesh; slippery curtain fabrics, such as burnished cotton, polished cotton, antique satin, silk and corrugated silk.