Four categories of curtain fabrics

Update:23 Apr 2018

The common fabrics used to make finished curtains are p […]

The common fabrics used to make finished curtains are printed cloth, dyed cloth, dyed cloth, and embroidered cloth.
1, printed cloth: printed cloth is made of white cloth dyed, this can not be when the Tang Dynasty in China has been popular, the peak of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, deeply loved by people, often used in wedding clothing or dowry. The colors and patterns are printed on the plain fabric using a transfer or garden net. Features: Colorful, rich patterns, hand-painted printing and dyeing effect, exposing the natural texture.
2. Dyed cloth: Through professional dyeing equipment, the finished cloth produced by singeing, desizing, bleaching, dyeing, mercerizing, finishing and pre-shrinking is the dyed cloth. Features: Elegant, natural, crisp, in line with popular trends.
3, Se Zhibu: dyed yarn dyed fabrics, dyeing yarn is generally divided into two kinds of color spinning yarn and dyeing yarn, commonly referred to as yarn dyed fabric refers to the shuttle weaving fabric, but the knitting machine Color-knitted knitted fabrics can also be made. According to the needs of the designs, the yarns are first classified and dyed, and then interwoven to form the color pattern characteristics: strong color fastness, distinct color texture, and strong three-dimensional effect.
4. Embroidered fabric: Embroidered fabric is an ordinary fabric that has been embroidered or machined to embroider many beautiful flowers and plant patterns. Strong three-dimensional pattern, style, specific, elegant!