Do not throw the curtains in the washing machine to look at the material

Update:28 Aug 2017

   If the long-term in the air is very easy to accumula […]

   If the long-term in the air is very easy to accumulate dust, many people in the treatment of curtains on the stains often like to directly disassemble down into the washing machine. But in fact the curtains of different materials in the cleaning is the need to use different methods, but also have their own special attention to the place. Do not rush into the washing machine, and then damage the curtain material, and even the whole curtains are washed rotten, so it is worth the candle.
   1, blinds curtains
   The blinds are made of many pieces of foil, which are usually used for toilet, kitchen, and so on. The leaves of the blinds are mainly divided into bamboo, wood, glass, Tablets and linen pieces and so on. Toilet, kitchen, where the general dust and fumes larger, if the curtains for a long time do not wash, dust, mold and other allergens are easy to hide in the above, especially allergic rhinitis, asthma patients family should be careful. So curtains should be cleaned at least once every three months. Especially in spring and summer often window, it is best to wash once every two months.
The daily cleaning of the blinds is simple, as long as the water or polish spray on the surface, and then dry with a dry cloth. If there are stains on the blinds or the rope, you can use a soft bristle brush. In the case of dirty clothes, you can try to use a rag dipped in some warm water to wash the washing, can also use a little ammonia solution to wipe. In another case, if your blinds hang in the balcony or the living room and the room, then the biggest enemy for the blinds is dust, you need to regularly dredge with feather duster on the line, but to ensure that often dusting Caixing.
   2, velvet curtains
   Velvet curtains are velvet, delicate and rich texture, thick cloth (800-1000 grams per meter, shading effect is better, and sound absorption effect is good, but it is easy to deformation, so when cleaning the curtains, soaked in Neutral cleaning solution (detergent, hand sanitizer, washing for a variety of baby supplies, etc.), hand light pressure, washed curtains on the shelf to dry, avoid hanging with a hanger.
   3, electrostatic flocking curtains
   Beautiful electrostatic flocking fabric is home curtains produced a better material, the embossed flocking pattern, soft fabric touch gives a warm and supple feeling. But the flocking place is very easy to fall, so clean electrostatic flocking curtains not only to clean, but also to keep the flocking pattern. Static flocking fabric curtain (shading fabric) is not easy to dirty, without regular cleaning. If you want to clean, be sure not to soak in the water rubbing, scrubbing, twisting twisted, so as to avoid hair loss, daily cleaning with cotton gauze dipped in a little alcohol gently wipe, if the flocking cloth too wet can use both hands to pressure water, or Let it dry naturally.
   4, cotton, polyester fabric curtains
  Cotton and polyester fabric curtains cleaning method is not very different, the use of polyester-made curtains general pattern, the pattern will be more rich, generally with polyester as raw material curtains more affordable, is a more popular curtains. Cotton, polyester as the most common fabric on the market, these curtains are more durable materials, cleaning and no velvet curtains and electrostatic flocking curtains of the cleaning method so pay attention to the usual scrub can be wet cloth, if you need to clean, you can directly into the washing machine Inside with clean water and detergent.
   5, canvas, linen curtains
   Canvas and linen made of curtains more difficult to dry, so when careful not to clean the water into the water, you can use a sponge dipped in some warm soapy water to wipe. In most cases can also be directly into the washing machine cleaning; in addition to the use of washing powder, the best to add a little clothing softener, make curtains washed more supple, smooth. But easy to shrink the fabric is best to take dry cleaning.
   6, shutter
   Roller is generally more difficult to disassemble, can only be directly on the shutter dipped in detergent cleaning. If the dust is more, you can use a soft brush to remove the dust, and then wipe with water cleaning. To the shutter can be sprayed on the polish can also be, so that the roller can be more resistant to dirt. In addition, the shutter every year to be checked. Special attention should be paid to the installation of the guide for the shutter curtains running the guide rails are dust and other stains, there is no foreign body stuck inside. Because in the rails and in the shutter panels often accumulate a lot of dirt, leaves may also be stuck in the inside, this situation can be cleaned with a wet cloth clean.