Decorative effects of several common colors

Update:12 Jun 2017

Red is a more stimulating color. It gives burns and war […]

Red is a more stimulating color. It gives burns and warmth. But not to contact too much, too much staring at the red color, not only will affect vision, but also prone to dizziness. Patients with cardio cerebral diseases are generally contraindicated in red.
Orange can produce vitality, induce appetite, is also a warm color of the representative color, but also represents the color of health, it also contains the meaning of maturity and happiness.
Yellow is the color that is first seen in human birth. It is a healthy color. It appears healthy and bright because it is the most easily absorbed color in the spectrum. Its dual function is to stabilize the mood and promote the appetite of the healthy people; those who are depressed and depressed will aggravate the bad mood.
Green is a feeling of stability and comfort. It has the function of calming the nerves, reducing intraocular pressure, relieving eyestrain and improving muscle movement. Therefore, the green line is very popular. Natural green also plays a role in syncope, fatigue, nausea and negativity. But for a long time in the green environment, easy to make people feel cold, affecting the secretion of gastric juice, anorexia.
Blue is an imaginative color; on the other hand, it is a very serious color. This strong color, to some extent, can hide the lack of other colors, is a kind of convenient color. Blue has the function of regulating nerves and calming nerves. Blue lights play a significant role in the treatment of insomnia, lowering blood pressure and preventing colds. Some people wear blue glasses to travel to relieve the symptoms of motion sickness or seasickness. Blue is an adjunctive treatment for lung and colorectal diseases. But people suffering from mental depression and depression should not touch blue, otherwise it will aggravate the disease.
Pink is the best interpretation of gentleness, the red and white mixed color is very clear and bright, pink means "water tenderness."". After experiments, the angry people look at the pink, the mood will soon calm down, because pink can reduce the secretion of adrenal hormones, so that the mood stabilized. People with autism or mental depression may be exposed to pink often.
White reflects all the light and is clean and expansive. Therefore, in the home layout, such as smaller space, you can white based, so that the space increased sense of spacious. White on the angry people can play a regulatory role, it helps to maintain normal blood pressure. But for those suffering from autism and mental depression, it is not appropriate to stay in the white environment for a long time.
Black noble and hidden defects, it suits with white and gold collocation, play the role of emphasis, make white, gold more dazzling. Black has the function of clearing heat, calming and stabilizing, and plays a stabilizing role in agitated, agitated, insomnia and frightened patients.
Gray is a very easygoing color, with a variety of colors with the diversity. Therefore, when the color matching is not appropriate, you can use gray to reconcile, there is no impact on health.