Curtains of the production process

Update:20 Jun 2017

When cutting the curtain fabric is consistent, for spin […]

When cutting the curtain fabric is consistent, for spinning cutting, velvet and other knitted fabrics in the cut when the heart to the heart of the fold, according to its natural sagging fold line fragmentation. If you encounter the middle and lower places are dislocated, to ensure that The flowers on the flat line are the midpoint of the punch (discount), and the silk thread of the color cloth is the same as that of the main cloth. The width can not be less than the width of the single curtain. In principle, it can not be spliced. Must be spliced, the seam should be hidden in the obvious position.
When you draw a line, flatten the curtain fabric and check whether the two sides of the slice are perpendicular to the bottom edge, and do not trim the two sides as they are, and do not wear the nonwoven belt on the top of the spliced fabric. If the height is allowed or the top layer is a color cloth, the non-woven fabric is wrapped in the inside of the sewing, and the width is uniform and the lines are well-proportioned and the front fabric can not be wrinkled.
(Including the copy of the thread) at the bottom of the bottom of the volume, according to the good trace of the track at the bottom of the volume, when the volume to the next layer of tension, the upper layer with a scissors or the use of scissors or Tweezers slightly push, so that the curtains of the shrinkage of the same amount of sewing to ensure that the bottom of the volume can not afford to win the chain.If the novice is not easy to grasp, you can first iron the bottom edge and then sew if the fabric height is not enough Package edge, must use a similar color package at the bottom of the edge of the package when the stitching. After the package check whether the upper and lower are sewn, open the place to repair good.
The lace first pre-shrink, in the required position on the seam, lace when the lace can not pull, to follow the trend of the sewing machine gently push the sewing thread to fall in the middle of the lace.When the lace after the dressing no obvious shrink if necessary , You can put the lace on the lower seam.
Curling, the first fold 2.8 cm, the second fold 3 cm volume on both sides. Stitch symmetrical appearance, just the same size, encountered water and other particularly thick place, to hand to move the sewing machine wheel needle stitch. To prevent the water-soluble place the size of the stitch inconsistency or contraction of the left and right sides of the stitch back to the same, splicing the screen of the seat seam stitch all the way to the cloth position.Technical card slot and one side of the non-woven belt under 1 cm position.
The fabric is flattened on the ground, and the nonwoven fabric is overlapped with the main flower.It is checked whether the length of the nonwoven belt is the same as the width of the curtain, and the length of the nonwoven fabric is more than 5 cm, indicating that the fabric has been stretched and needs to be renewed Too. Less than 5 cm, can make the non-woven with a small, the amount of this more evenly distributed to each fold on the middle of the flower in the non-woven belt marked on the location of each point folded fold Box, check the size of each fold is the same.If you fold the size, indicating that some of the flower position has been partial, to re-positioning. The stack of non-woven fabric into the punching machine, fixed after checking the cloth head all the top There is no displacement on the top plate before you can start punching.
Ironing, the first stitching of the stitching head.Note that the location of the front of the yarn can not see the seam in the lace position of the hot, may be appropriate to improve the dressing of the finished fabric shrinkage and then the curtain fold, hot On both sides. At this time it is best to use the ironing of the suction function, you can make the hot side immediately shape to keep the sides of the flat side.Finally spread out the curtain, hot part of the middle.
After the curtains hang, press the flowers for a good break. First check the size is correct. Punch only need to check the height, discount to check the height and width is consistent with the required size. With the need to do the manual Local positioning, can not be visual and estimated.Then the curtains flattened, with a needle or hot melt adhesive fixed diamond chain hanging spike, etc. When using the needle to ensure that the decorations firm. So as not to leak out, can not play too little to avoid the impact of a solid, etc. After the glue is completely cooled and solidified, before moving the fabric.Note that the hot melt adhesive should not be stained in other fabrics that do not need to be decorated.
Make sure the curtains are all finished and there is no quality problem when punching the front facing, discounting the front facing outwardly and tidying the label.log on to our official website for more details :