Curtain material selection

Update:14 Aug 2017

   Can be used to make curtains fabric is a lot of many […]

   Can be used to make curtains fabric is a lot of many of our lives in the common fabric can actually be made into curtains, but different fabrics made of curtains should be hung in our bedroom corresponding position, and different fabrics curtains The decorative effect of the home are different. What curtains are falling and light? What curtain cover is good? Do you know? Here to give you the next curtain cloth it!
   The main fabric of the curtains are cotton, silk, silk, nylon, georgette, plastic, aluminum and so on. One cotton curtain fabric texture soft and comfortable, silk curtains elegant, silk curtains rich, beaded curtain crystal, yarn curtains soft.
   The first is the fabric that can be used to shade
   1, the traditional shading fabric Traditional shading fabric is painted in the black fabric, in order to shade and set, is attached to the curtain of the matching products, it feels hard, rushing sounded, and cumbersome, is made Two into the curtain fabric, this cost is relatively high.
   2, the new shade fabric New shade fabric cost is lower than the traditional shading fabric, and feel good, and fashion, on the grade, jacquard, printing, plain, hot flowers, embossed, etc. shade cloth can be made Different styles of shade curtains.
   The second, traditional curtain fabric.
   The traditional curtain fabric is based on polyester fiber fabric and blended fabric, the traditional curtains are relatively thick, and drape is also good.
   1, coarse yarn yarn dyed or printed fabric: This fabric is rough and not rough, thin and not greasy fabric, is more popular fabric.
   2, high-density high-density yarn-dyed jacquard fabric: This fabric is more delicate, shiny very good.
   3, snow Seoul Seoul: This fabric feels more rough, heavy sense of strong, drape is also very good.
   4, there are many other fabrics such as gold velvet, suede, flocking, etc. are good curtain fabric.