Curtain maintenance

Update:22 Aug 2017

   Cleaning: Never use bleach    Experts suggest that c […]

   Cleaning: Never use bleach
   Experts suggest that cleaning curtains must not use bleach, try not to dehydration and drying, to naturally dry, so as not to damage the texture of the curtain itself. Ordinary cloth curtains can be scrubbed with a damp cloth, but easy to shrink the fabric should be dry cleaning as much as possible; canvas or linen made of curtains with a sponge dipped in some warm water or soap solution wipe, to be dry after the roll up; velvet curtains should be washed The curtains soaked in a neutral cleaning solution, hand light pressure, washed on the shelf, so that the water automatically drip, this will make the curtain clean as new.
   Electrostatic flocking fabric made of curtains (shading fabric), not easy to dirty, without regular cleaning. If you want to clean it should not soak in the water rubbing or scrubbing, just use cotton gauze dipped in alcohol or gasoline gently rub on the line, can not force twisted wallet to avoid neck hair off, affecting the appearance. For the current home use more roller or soft finished curtains, you can use a cloth soaked with warm water-soluble detergent or a little ammonia solution to wipe. Some parts of the useful adhesive, should pay attention not to water, more high-end finished curtain can be waterproof, do not have to worry about this.
   Reminder: pay attention to special material cleaning
   Some curtains are made of special materials (such as: bead curtains) or weaving more special cloth (such as: knitted fabric), be sure to wash, do not wash, so as to avoid fabric damage or deformation. If you have to do the top cover shape, curtains with ornaments, such as spikes or hanging in the curtain cloth next to the cloth, it is best to dry or hand wash, never machine wash.
   Tips: screens do not use machine wash, especially like glass yarn so thin yarn, directly with warm water and detergent solution or soap washed twice on the line. In addition, all screens can be washed with milk soak for one hour, then wash the natural dry. Soaked after the curtain color will be more bright.