Curtain maintenance small way

Update:07 Jun 2017

The window can not leave the curtain, although it is on […]

The window can not leave the curtain, although it is only a piece of cloth, but it is missing, it is incomplete. The most important function of curtains is to reduce sunlight during the summer, and also to wrap the secrets in the house, which are not known to outsiders. At the same time, choose a suitable curtain, better reflect the master's artistic taste. At present, the Home Furnishing curtain, from the texture, with curtains, bamboo, wood etc varieties. Cloth curtains, is the traditional decoration of the window. Bamboo also has a long history, remember the ancient bamboo toast off the scene? Bamboo is bamboo tablets plus fine woven rope. By special processing, remove the original rough, but still maintain the simplicity and beauty of bamboo pieces. People love antique furniture, may wish to choose a good bamboo, let your family distributed everywhere long pastoral flavor, taste the elegant and refined. Wood woven curtain and curtain is similar, with a rope to braid block, appears to be relatively steady. Choose this kind of wood curtain decorated windows, it is best to have plastic steel doors and windows, so as to foil a more classical, dignified and beautiful taste.
Curtain according to its own characteristics to clean, can not use bleach, try not to dehydration and drying, natural drying, so as not to destroy the curtain itself texture. It must be noted that the curtain should be half a year once, ordinary fabric curtains can be used wet wipe, but easy to shrink the fabric should be dry; canvas or hemp curtains best sponge dipped in some warm water or soap solution to wipe, can be rolled up and air dried; velvet cleaning should be first soaking the curtains in the neutral the cleaning liquid, pressure, wash hands after put on the shelf, the automatic water drain, it will make the curtain clean. Clean the window lintel, curtains, lace, lace curtains should be water soaked, then add warm water washing soda, and then use the washing powder washing water or soapy water. Roller curtain cleaning, first set down dirty roller curtain, paving, wipe with a cloth, because the middle roller is usually empty, with a long stick, one of the yellow lines to keep turning, can remove dust.
Warm tips:
Usually cleaning and maintenance: after dust treatment, the product has anti-static function, no dust characteristics;
1, usually clean (maintenance), often with a flexible brush or feather duster (dust).
2, can also use vacuum cleaner, with flexible brush vacuum cleaner take care of, the effect is best.
How do you clean and maintain it under special circumstances?
Woven wooden screens with hydrogen peroxide after high-temperature sterilization, products do not have insects, rarely moldy, insect attachment for occasional curtains unclean or wet dry can be washed into.