Curtain fabric to buy

Update:19 Jul 2017

    1. Cotton and linen are more common materials, easy […]

    1. Cotton and linen are more common materials, easy to clean and replace, more suitable for bedroom use.
    2. If you want to buy hanging in the living room and balcony to use, you can choose yarn quality curtains, it is highly decorative, translucent is also very good, you can give the room to enhance the depth of the sense of space.
    3. Silk and flocking curtain fabric texture is very delicate, shading and sound effects are very good, and will look very high room, luxury.
Curtain fabric features
    1. Cotton: cotton curtain fabric is characterized by a glossy, soft, soft but not smooth, looks simple and natural, with good hygroscopicity, moisture, heat resistance.
    2. Wool: smooth and smooth, clear texture, soft luster, rich body, good flexibility, feel waxy slip.
   3. Ma: drape good, good ventilation, good heat and moisture absorption, but easy to wrinkle, finishing straight, ventilation, the price is higher.
    4. silk: a bright luster, soft, bright color, thin and elegant, noble and gorgeous.
    5. Polyester: feel smooth, flexible, not easy to wrinkle, in the sun under the flash, breathable, poor hygroscopicity, easy to static.
    6. Cotton: feel hard, strong wear resistance, light and heat resistance is poor.
    7. Cotton and linen: cotton and linen texture soft, feel good, drape good, strong sense of texture.