Curtain fabric selection skills

Update:06 Nov 2017

     First, the curtain material     In general, the li […]

    First, the curtain material

    In general, the living room, bedroom and study can choose the same material curtains, the owners if you do not want to choose thick material for the curtains or lightweight materials to worry about, the most suitable is the choice of double curtains, which is a layer of thin light curtains, such as nylon Silk, thin gauze and mesh cloth, the outside layer is heavy material curtains, such as corduroy, woolen and velvet, etc., so that you can easily change the curtains according to the seasonal and weather changes.

    Second, the color of the curtains

    The best choice of living room and study curtains bright colors, this color will make people feel excited, easy to create a lively atmosphere, is conducive to friends talk and residents work study; bedroom is the best choice for warm-colored curtains, this color Easy to create a warm atmosphere, is conducive to people to rest sleep.

    Third, the quality of curtains

    In the selection of good curtain material and color, the owners need to do is check the quality of the curtains, which requires owners to view the characteristics of various fabrics before buying, when you look at the purchase of the curtain fabric you choose Whether it meets the characteristics of the fabric you saw before, if you meet, you can pay to buy.

    Fourth, the size of the curtains

    The size of the curtains is not as simple as it can cover the window, if the length of the curtains is smaller than the width, there will be no good decorative effect. In general, the length of the curtains looks better than the width If the window area is very large, then the owner can hang a few slender curtains on the big window, which is better than hanging a big, wide curtain.