Curtain fabric optional Note

Update:28 Jun 2017

1, shading strong If you want to be comfortable during […]

1, shading strong
If you want to be comfortable during the day and rest, it is best for the bedroom to choose a shading effect of strong curtains, cotton or flocking fabric can be. The study, the restaurant does not need too strong light, you can use blinds, so that light regulation.
2, warm and strong
After the cold weather, the curtains had to consider the problem of warm, flocking curtain fabric thick, warm and better. According to many designers of the study found that all colors in the darkest most warm, more suitable for winter use.
3, soothing body and mind
If the curtain color is too deep, a long time will make us feel depressed, but the color is too bright and bad, will cause visual fatigue, people feel irritable. In fact, you can choose light green, light blue and other natural, fresh colors, can make us feel happy; if easy to insomnia, you can try to use red, black with the curtains, help to sleep as soon as possible.
4, blocking noise
Generally, if the indoor voice to continue to 30 dB, it will affect our normal sleep, so we have to use a sound-absorbing effect of the curtains, the general choice of flocking, cotton, linen, texture is better. The thicker the curtain sound effects the better, good texture curtains can be reduced by 10% -20% outside noise.log on to our official website for more details :