Curtain classification

Update:29 Jan 2018

Curtains are broadly divided into: anti-theft shutter w […]

Curtains are broadly divided into: anti-theft shutter window, venetian blinds, rayon curtains, cotton linen curtain these. Anti-theft shutter window: can be rolled into a cylindrical flat curtain and design, there are two kinds of pull beads and springs, pull-bead shutter manual control, spring shutter for electric, suitable for modern building facilities, to enhance safety precautions, save space .
Roller shutter material can be divided into: monochrome series, shading series, flame retardant series, two-color series.
Cleaning points: first clean the window shut, spray the right amount of water, and then wipe with a cotton cloth; if the curtains dirty, warm water can be used to dissolve some detergent, scrub with a cotton dry; you can spray some polish, shutter more keep it bright and clean for a long time A wide range of curtains, but in general can be classified as finished curtains and fabric curtains, and curtains belonging to cotton fabric curtain curtain.