Collocation of curtain fabric

Update:24 Jul 2017

   With furniture style    Different styles, materials, […]

   With furniture style
   Different styles, materials, furniture should be equipped with different texture (raw materials) or varieties of curtains. Classical solid wood furniture, the most appropriate jacquard cloth, yarn-dyed cloth match, plants, flowers, fish and insects pattern is its subject of the same. Both the severity of companionship, hardness and softness, calm and concise without losing the elegant atmosphere. Plate furniture is more suitable for light texture, bright color printed cloth, fully mobilize lines, patches and geometric visual experience, painted vivid and simple and simple modern life scenes. While the choice of a wide range of modern furniture, silk, metallic luster curtains, naturally preferred.
   With room function
   In the choice of curtain texture, the first should consider the function of the room, such as the bathroom, the kitchen will choose a relatively strong practical and easy to wash the fabric, the fabric to withstand the pollution of steam and grease, simple and smooth style. Living room, the restaurant can choose luxury, beautiful fabric. The bedroom curtains require heavy, warm and safe.   Study curtains are required to light transmission performance, bright, with elegant colors. In addition, the choice of fabric also depends on the room demand for light, adequate light, you can choose tulle, thin cotton or silk fabric; room light is too adequate, you should choose a little thick wool blended or brocade to do curtains , To resist the light exposure; room requirements of the light is not very strict, the general choice of plain print cotton or linen fabric is appropriate.
   Should match the season
   Buy curtains color, material, should meet the different characteristics of the season. Summer with light material, transparent soft yarn or silk, to light is better. Winter is good texture thick, fine flannel, warm color to highlight the thick and warm. Spring and autumn with thick material ice silk, cloth, imitation silk, etc., color to color is appropriate. And cloth curtains, lively and bright, all seasons.