Clever application of curtains to cover decoration defects

Update:26 Jul 2017

   For a family, who do not like their own every move w […]

   For a family, who do not like their own every move within the vision of others. From this point of view, different indoor areas, the degree of concern for privacy and have different standards.    Living room such family members public activity area, the requirements for privacy is low, most of the family's living room during the day is the curtains opened, so more in the decorative state. And for the bedroom, bathroom and other regions, people not only ask outside can not see, and asked even the shadow can not see. This presents a different area of choice for different curtains. Living room we may choose a transparent fabric, and the bedroom is the use of thicker fabric.
Curtains in the home decoration, plays a protective privacy, the use of light, decorative walls, the role of sound noise. Depending on its function, curtains can have many different options. Some people say that no matter how hard you decorate your own house, there will be some flaws, with soft decoration to cover up these defects is a good choice. Only to bedroom as an example to illustrate.
   Bedroom decoration is usually relatively simple, cloth curtains in the bedroom can often be more prominent to play its decoration or "cover up" function. If the room is not bright enough, you can use the fabric organization is more loose, cloth pattern with a geometric print cloth to do curtains, at the same time, the curtains on the pattern and wall uniforms as much as possible, so that people can more open field of vision. In addition, the selection of glossy reflective cloth to decorate the walls, ceilings and wood furniture can also play a complementary role.
   To join the room seems space, then you can choose the layout of the more soft, fluffy material, with a polished texture of the material to decorate the floor, walls, and windows are a large number of selection of contrast effect of the material, or in the eye-catching place, the use of bright colors of the curtains Mantle, bedspread, making it in sharp contrast to the floor and the walls. Change the room empty, monotonous feeling.
   The room looked too short. You can use walls and windows with strong contrasting colors and vertical stripes and patterns. Appear too narrow can be used horizontal stripes and pattern decoration walls and curtains. In the narrow ends of the use of eye-catching patterns, you can use the contrast of the material, contrast, such as in the shop with wood, linen carpet on the ground lay soft carpet.
   Specifically, the choice of cloth curtains first according to the room decoration colors and style to establish a unified big effect. And then according to the specific use of each room to determine the best mix of curtain fabric. For the different functions of the room, select the hue, the pattern of different curtain prices.
   The living room is the place where guests can rest and enjoy their families. Recommended to choose light-based, translucent thin fabric, creating a solemn, simple, generous bright visual effects. The bedroom is private. Can be considered with the bedding, choose thick shade of the fabric to do the main material, yarn, curtain double, creating a warm and romantic atmosphere. Elderly room should choose dark and elegant and elegant pattern-based, creating a deep, stable atmosphere. Children's room for bright, relaxed colors, lively patterns, creating a lively, relaxed atmosphere. Study suitable for simple, elegant design, creating a cultural atmosphere and personalized atmosphere. Bathroom and kitchen should choose dirty, easy to clean the fabric.
   Conditional families, but also according to the season to replace the different styles of curtains. Summer with green, water blue and other colors curtains curtains prices, it is cool, but in the winter, will feel cold, can be replaced by warm colors of the curtains. Can not replace the selection of more neutral colors and patterns.
   With the "light decoration, heavy decoration" concept of the people, as an important means of soft decoration cloth curtains more and more attention. According to a cloth shop owner introduced, and now the public demand for curtain fabric is no longer just shading, more is to consider the decorative function, in the purchase and installation have their own ideas, he used "personalized" "fashion "Functional" to summarize the characteristics of modern fabric.